iVisibility Gain and Maintain
Privacy Policy

TMarketFocus.com and iVisibility believes the protection of consumer privacy is critical to the long-term success of Internet Commerce and is committed to protecting the online privacy of its customers.

TMarketFocus.com sells various marketing reports and information. TMarketFocus.com utilizes PayPal.com to handle its Internet commerce. Upon making a purchase, the customer will be asked to setup a PayPal account, if one doesn’t already exist. Setting up a PayPal account will require the customer to submit their name, address, email, credit card information and accept PayPal's User Agreement. After the purchase, TMarketFocus.com will receive the customer’s personal information, (Excluding Credit Card), from PayPal to process the transaction. This information will be kept confidential and will be used only to support your customer relationship with TMarketFocus.com and iVisibility. Information about you or your order and the products you have purchased will not be disclosed or sold to any outside organization.