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iVisibility Web Mining Solutions
What is Web Mining?
Web Mining technology is the extraction of hidden predictive information from multiple data sources, that can be combined and used to solve complex problems. Web Mining is emerging as a mainstream utility, in discovering hidden intelligence, in many industries. Web Mining can help companies gain and sustain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

What types of business problems can it solve?
Contingent on the availability of data, the types of business problems that can be solved is infinite. Since most companies have inventory databases, customer relationship information, ERP systems and have access to public and private information on the internet, this produces a large set of potential business problems that can be solved or optimized.
Here are a few examples:

  1. On a New Product Launch, based on historical customer buying patterns, a highly probable determination can be made about what customer profiles will purchase the new product and the most effective marketing strategy that should be employed.

  2. Based on public demographic, industry and competitive information, potential growth opportunities along with corresponding risk levels, can be identified for new products, new businesses or real estate investments.

Our Solution
iVisibility couples our proven experience in solving complex business challenges and leverages the web mining functionality of the Visibility in Reach (VIR) software system to solve complex business problems.   iVisibility Consulting Service can assist your company with data analysis, business intelligence and development of management reports. iVisibility Consultants have extensive experience with combining data from various systems to un-cover hidden intelligence and deliver exceptional value to you, the customer.