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Visibility in Reach

Companies that have the capability to gather, handle, and analyze relevant data will gain a competitive advantage through their enhanced target market visibility.


The Visibility in Reach software system is iVisibility's next generation automated marketing system.   Visibility in Reach can perform various marketing functions, such as:
  • customer relationship building
  • market research
  • market monitoring
  • market intelligence gathering
As our economy moves faster, an organizations reaction time to changes in market conditions will be at a minimum, therefore, it will become a necessity to receive notifications of market changes as they happen. Because Visibility in Reach is executing in real-time, it can detect these events, notify you, and make recommendations based on your business rules. This increase in reaction time gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Visibility in Reach's information gathering component is highly customizable and can be easily modified to retrieve varying information. Furthermore, Visibility in Reach's extensive report generator can create very useful and powerful reports in various document formats, including MS Office documents. Visibility in Reach is used by many companies, including iVisibility, which is used to gather and process all information for iVisibility's TMarketFocus.com .

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