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Purchasing Information

Please Contact an iVisibility Sales Professional to discuss purchasing options.

Technical Specifications

Visibility in Reach utilizes the internet to gather, handle and store information about your target market. Visibility in Reach can access data via the web through http, ftp, socket or XML. Visibility in Reach offers many document formats, including MS Excel, MS Access, Text File, PDF, and various delivery methods, such as XML, email, ftp, socket and fax.

Visibility in Reach executes in the Windows environment and requires the latest version of the .Net CLR. Visibility in Reach is a distributed application and utilizes the Visibility Control System (VCS) to manage its resources, failover and disaster recovery plans. The VCS provides the following:
  • Increases the reliability of the system and minimizes system down-time, therefore, raising the Quality of Service and lowering your companies Total Cost of Ownership for the application.
  • Executing Environment is flexible and scalable. As resource demand shrinks and expands, VCS can automatically start and stop new services to optimize the processing environment.
  • The administration of the entire distributed system can be performed from any desktop with an internet connection.
  • The system can be distributed over a heterogeneous OS environment, which communicate by XML
  • VCS can increases the scalability of a non-scalable system, through its distributed communication architecture